#OFB SJ x Dezzie x Izzpot x Double Lz x Bandokay - "Youngest In Charge (Remix)" [Official Music Video]

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#OFB SJ X Dezzie X Izzpot X Double Lz X Bandokay - Youngest In Charge Remix (Music Video)

Published: 28/07/2021

Channel: Pressplay Media

Tags: pressplay, media, music, video, uk rap, uk drill, kwengafce, m24, block6, plugged in, lightwork freestyle, ofb, double lz, bandokay, 67, smoke boys, grm, linkuptv, mixtape madness

Duration: 3:41

Views: 186772

Likes: 21046

Dislikes: 626

Comments: 3215


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