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A few days ago I said that benefits are slowly being cut off for the Ukrainians who left Ukraine because of war and came to the Netherlands. So, the Municipality of Almere, Netherlands decided to arrange a job fair for the Ukrainians where different types of jobs had been offered by the employers from different companies. Many people had no idea about Dutch Labour and rules and regulations and we were confused so this fair was arranged to educate people from Ukraine as well. I was invited there too as I am registered with the municipality. The fair was held at Hotel Inn Almere and many people joined there.

Many people from Ukraine want to work here in Almere Netherlands and want to start their life and that's why the municipality decided to offer jobs for the Ukrainians. Many renowned companies including Mcdonald's, and Floriade were there. The fair was arranged for the general people and handy jobs like cleaning, chef, restaurant work, construction work, agricultural work, housekeeping, and healthcare jobs were offered. We were told to take a printed cv with us.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any suitable job for myself as I am a skilled worker and I have experience in a very specific field. But I have given my CV and talked to the employers to understand the job market. Let's see how it goes. Jobs are available here, for handy jobs you don't need any specific degree or skills or language to start a life here, I think it's a great way to start. Initially, they were offering minimum wages with a "0-hour contract" but it will change periodically. Some companies are giving contracts as well, one can work 8 hours/day - weekly 40 hours.

Latest news: I just heard from a company, I will start doing voluntary work on Saturday. Just a baby step to move forward... I don't know whether I am going to get paid or not...

Thank you so much for watching. Have a great day...

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