#OriginalDTuber Talk 04 - d00k13... wtf?

Join us #LIVE in the Official #DTube Discord for another Original DTuber Talk with our host @D00k13. Starting with a #OriginalDTuber self-introduction then The Grilling by our host finishing with a viewer #AMA this will be another stream to mark on your calendar!

Highlighting Original DTuber @d00k13 ... ?

Do you wish to join us and earn 10 DTUBE as the highlighted #OrignalDTuber? Get ahold of @d00k13 aka Cam Stubbs in the Official DTube Discord OR Telegram.

The Grilling! (last week of these questions)

For each question I ask you, you may ask one of your own.

  • What was your worst crypto mistake?
  • What was your very first reaction to crypto/blockchain technology?
  • Who do you look up to if anyone in the crypto space?
  • What was your best crypto decision?

AMA – Ask Me Anything

Submit Your Questions Via Live Chat

  • Q: question for host? NAME: question for guest? AMA: question you would like anyone to answer?

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You can find the DTube Stage on the top of the channel list, remember to raise your hand when you wish to speak and I can bring you on LIVE

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