#OriginalDTuber Talk 06 - Anime4TheWorld aka DJ CAFT

Starting with a #OriginalDTuber self-introduction by @anime4theworld he will have the opportunity to talk about everything he is up to. After introductions is The Grilling by our host hoping to lead the conversation on an educational or insightful path while getting to know our Original DTuber better. Finishing with a viewer #AMA where 1 question in discord per person is rewarded 1 DTUBE for being awesome and engaging. This will be another show you won't soon forget…

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Highlighting Original DTuber @Anime4TheWorld

Do you wish to join us and earn 10 DTUBE as the highlighted #OrignalDTuber? Get ahold of @d00k13 aka Cam Stubbs in the Official DTube Discord OR Telegram.

The Grilling! (new questions)

For each question I ask you, you may ask one of your own.

  • How did you hear about crypto/blockchain?
  • What unexpected thing came from your crypto journey?
  • If you could go back to your beginning of crypto, what would you do differently?
  • What does decentralization mean to you?

AMA – Ask Me Anything

Submit Your Questions Via Official DTube Discord:

  • please tag the appropriate active person you wish to answer the question, if no one is mentioned whomever is willing to answer will do their best.

Open Mic

At the end of the show we will open the stage to all our #OriginalDTuber's, remember to raise your hand!

Or Join The LIVE Show DTube Stage

You can find the DTube Stage on the top of the channel list, remember to raise your hand during the open mic and I can bring you on LIVE

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