B.I.S.S. - Contest - January '21

B.I.S.S. - Contest Starting Now! Last Day Today

Here comes the next level in the art of putting something between two slices of bread. Are you ready to become a Sandwiteer and a member of the Blockchain's International Team of Excellence?



  • BISS will work on a monthly basis, which means:
    • Until the last day of every month at 12pm you can post your sandwich and please, make sure you put a link to your content in the comments of the announcement of that month.
    • In the week of the following month, all the valid links in the comment section are collected and put into the "BISS - Best Bite of the Month"-Voting post
    • Then the whole world will choose a winner by leaving a reaction on their favourite sandwich.
    • That "BISS - Best Bite of the Month"-Voting posts payout will be the prize and go entirely to the winner... The Sandwiteer of the Month!



  • Title may starts with: "My BISS of month" (whatever the month is)
  • In The First Five Tags Please Use: #biss
  • Picture: Make a video or 1 photo minimum including your sandwich and a physical sign that clearly shows "BISS of month" (whatever the month is)
  • May List Ingredients: Mention the ingredients used to make your sandwich
  • May add a Sandwich Name & Additional Informations to present your beauty or beast...
  • !!! Put a link to your content in the comments of the announcement of that month. !!!

All and everyone are welcome, just be aware that entries which are missing the picture with a physical validation will be left out on the "BISS - Best Bite of the Month"-Voting post and will miss the opportunity to become Sandwiteer of the month!

Important: There is a generous sponsor involved! So for the next three month the winner will receive another 10 Hive to the voting posts payout.

>>> I reserve myself the right to alter the contest rules and structure at any time. <<<


This is a "silly kitchen" - Production

I am avoiding waste by recycling all leftovers. So no waste of taste in my kitchen... Most ingredients are what others don't buy anymore. "Only" organically grown and produced as local as possible. Then enriched with all the tastiness you can find in nature... Even the "waste" during the cooking process is often used to complete the menus!

Now i wish you all the best and look forward to your juicy entry. Welcome to the Blockchain's International Team of Excellence, the Blockchain's International Sandwich Squad for lots of fun and many excellent sandwiches.

In case of a dPurge check the backup video


Peace Love and Grooviness

BTW - i'm the Dude
i do what i want, when i want and how i want

All content is my own intellectual "property" otherwise you'll see a source indicated...


...you can find me @ these awesome places!



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