Perfect People by Peter James

When John & Naomi lose their 3-year-old because of their faulty genes
They go down an unconventional route to make sure results lean
Towards their next child surviving healthy and happy
But maybe a few more add ons wouldn’t hurt the baby

But to get that designer child has to be a secret mission
For religious fanatics swear it is the devil’s commission
The couple prepare for the new baby with some trepidation
Accepting a few extra enhancements, at the doctor’s insistence

When they find out they are pregnant they are very excited
But hang on, there’s not one but two heartbeats, unexpected
What else could the doctor have done without their consent
But before getting answers, the doctor is involved in a fatal accident

From there on secrets are exposed, the babies are peculiar
Their lives are in danger, they face challenges in the unfamiliar
The twins are heartless and way too intelligent for toddlers
The parents are grappling, understanding & managing these mini scholars

The ending was a little unexpected
I’d say bordering on wrongs being corrected
For a story that questioned the blurred lines
Between religion, nature and science

✮ Perfect People by Peter James was published in 2011

I do appreciate your time & being part of my story <33

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