Paladins - Day Eighteen on @dtube Gaming - Great Battles Even though We Lost Both Battles Today!!!

Welcome to the Eighteenth gaming Video on dtube Gaming with Paladins... My Streams are so much better now and I am really enjoying this New StreamLabs software ( in case you're interested. Well, we got our butts kicked today... But I am telling you it was a great battle for the win... They had to really fight to earn their Win Badge today... LoL... If you want to join in, Just go to and get a Free account... Gather your Champions and start playing and Level them up to open their Masteries... It's a fast-paced, small map FPS ( First Person Shooter ) that is So Much fun... I hope to see You on the Battlefield...

Goodnight all and May You Always Be Happy and Blessed...

Now I'm off again to play a long stretch of World of Warcraft which is a LOT MORE ENTERTAINING... We'll see how that goes... Goodnight all and May You Always Be Happy and Blessed...

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