Daily Jam for 9/17/21. L.A. WITCH - Drive Your Car (Official Video)

Wanted to spotlight a band that’s more dessert Rock alternative but new. Although this tunes a couple years old it’s still a new touring band. Just going for something different. Check out alternative version here also. It’s a different recording session and a little different besides being strait track no music video.

-Gene (everything below is from there video post)

Directed and Edited by - Allie Lane - http://www.alexandrialane.tv
Director of Photography - Lauren Pruitt (@lady_pruitt)
Producers - Cecilia Kimmel and Angele Cooper
Colorist - Caitlin Diaz
Drone Operator - Erynn Patrick
Gaffer - Angele Cooper
Set Decoration - Joel Thanos
Costume Design - Cleo Trifonidis
Hair and Makeup Design - Liz Martin (@lizmartian)
On-Set Photography - Jenny Brezinski

#lawitch #losangeles #driveyourcar #LA #suicidesqueezerecords #rock #psychrock

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