Relaunch - Mobile Cash Formula - Plus Giveaways - IAAC #133

Hi there and welcome to my vlog, my name is Erik Gustafsson and I go by the handle @flaxz on DTube, CTPtalk and Hive.

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Relaunch - Mobile Cash Formula - Plus Giveaways

In this video I talk about the relaunch of Mobile Cash Formula.

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This is an email series which starts with StartEarning.Today, and goes through that in week one, showing how each part work and of course also how to start posting on Hive and CTPtalk.

In week two it shows how to start building your email list, setting up all the different parts, and here is also when I share a Google Drive document with all the emails, which will be updated as I add even more.

This is what is set up now, and for week 3 I will make emails about traffic generation, and week 4 will get into making videos, and I have ideas to add even more after that.

I will also be providing personalized graphics to anyone that wants to duplicate this series, it will take a few days to build that out though.

Watch the video to get more details.


So it would not be a launch by me if there where no giveaways, and to qualify for this you need to have a Hive account and then sign up and follow the instructions in the first email that you get after confirming your signup.

The first qualified person to sign up and confirming it will get a 1000 Hive Power delegation leased for 4 weeks through Dlease.

The next 10 people after that will each get a CTP Miner token.

I hope this is a good incentive.

I Am Alive - Day 133

It is now my day 133 for the #IAmAliveChallenge, and you can read how it started and how to join in this guide, I Am Alive Challenge - The Guide.

This is all about celebrating that you are alive despite the hard times we now live in, and to share that with the world and the Hive blockchain, you are alive, and that matters.

We Are Alive!

Enjoy Watching The Video!

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Stay safe, awesome and alive!

Erik Gustafsson

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