The Perks Of Being A Secondary School Teacher

I have never thought I would enjoy a noble profession as much as I am engaging. As a secondary school teacher, I learned that I love working with learners so much.

Although teaching is not an easy job, more positive aspects still make it one of the most rewarding careers.

Being loved by the students

The other day, after returning to school, I never expected to receive an early surprise from my students.

It has been a while since I filed for a leave of absence for an important matter. I just reinstated two days ago, and I felt excited to see the adorable faces of my dear students.

When I came back to school, happy faces warmly welcomed me.

I could feel they were eager to see me again with the kindest and sweetest gestures they had shown me.

It was an early surprise.

When I entered the classroom, the students were all waiting for me to have our discussion. I never had the chance to go to my table as I went in front to start the lesson.

Suddenly, two students called me and said, “Excuse me, Ma’am. Can you go with us?”. And then everybody followed them and some were waiting for me.

They brought me to a place where I was speechless for a while as I saw all the sweet decorations and gifts that surprised me with their cheerful faces.

I saw the many “Te Amo” balloons in different colors. I so love the lively colors being spread all around my workplace.

As I went to my table and chairs, I saw several balloons scattered everywhere with the words “Welcome back” and “Love.”

And then, a bouquet of chocolates and a red velvet cake were also given by my students.

The bouquet of chocolates even made me appear because they are my weakness.

I love comfort food, and my students learned I love them so much.

It was a beautiful day, and I went home with the gifts I had received from my students. No words could express how much I love my students, and they will always be the beautiful souls in my life.

Making an impact on the future generation

I started teaching when I was twenty years old after I passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in my country. I have experienced working in private and public schools, and it has been a wonderful feeling to make a difference with the youth of all ages.

Being a teacher for more than a decade, I believe that one of the most significant rewards is when the former students go back to me and give gratitude and appreciation for the impact that I have made on their lives.

I have handled even the worst students in class, but I was never sad because they reciprocated with an appreciation for everything I have done so that things will work well inside the classroom. I was even happy seeing them successful.

I remember sometime in the past, some students confessed and cried to me because they were very grateful that because of me, the students were motivated to go to school each day to keep going, not to mention that the students kept repeating the same grade level and were on the list of the problem students.

Even if the students did not belong to the cream of the crop, whenever there were competitions in school, they managed to be on top, and people thought that they were like students who belonged to the top sections and unique curriculum.

And I am happy to say that I can teach, touch, and transform lives while molding the future generation who could be the leaders of tomorrow.

Having a stable career path

Some companies and agencies may come to closure but not with the government agency or educational institution. What is great about teaching is having a stable career path.

When the pandemic happened two years ago, I witnessed how my friends lost their jobs while my job as a teacher remained steady.

Recently, I heard about a shortage of teachers in the States. Some of my friends were hired last month by the agency through the cultural exchange program, which offered them many opportunities. My friend invited me, but for now, I cannot leave my country for personal reasons.

Making a path toward Educational Supervision and Administration

A teacher in my country may aspire for something bigger, and that is to be involved in educational administration and supervision through becoming a master teacher, school principal, school supervisor, school division superintendent, regional director, or the highest position in the department of education. The higher the work, the higher the salary, but more complicated tasks regarding educational management, administration, and supervision are on a large map.

And I am happy that I have reached my dream of finishing my Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision. Last time, not to brag, but I was able to be on first rank when I applied for a promotion. In my agency, the upgrade is through the application if one is already qualified based on the criteria for a designation. Now, I am waiting for a vacant position, and I always hope for better days ahead.

Having so much fun in school

When you are a secondary school teacher, there is so much fun because students are good enough to handle tasks and responsibilities, and teaching is not only managing all the paper works and computers but as well as interacting with the youth in a healthy atmosphere while keeping the spirit alive.

Perhaps the perk of being a teacher is to enjoy many beautiful moments with students, as every educator teaches and touches lives.

I always consider teaching as one of the fantastic career paths.

No matter where I go, and no matter what path awaits me in the future, I will always treasure all the happy memories of teaching.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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