Simulating The Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill In My Workplace

At around 2 p.m. earlier this afternoon, we simulated the Nationwide Simultaneous or NSED drill with my students and colleagues as part of the School Disaster Plan and our continuous effort to mitigate management and reduce the risk of disaster if ever the Earthquake happened at any time.

We joined the conduct of the simulation exercise and evacuation drill in connection with the first quarter nationwide quarterly drill organized by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council in my country.

It all started with an alarm in school and a loud sound saying, “Duck, Cover, and Hold.”

When I heard the sound, I was at my table to prepare for my next class, but since there was a drill, my students and I followed the instructions.

During the earthquake drill, my students practiced the duck, cover, and hold technique in the classroom, and it was the first time they were doing a full simulation for this year.

I was happy that they followed the instructions in the megaphone very well. They hurriedly went under their armchairs. My students covered their heads and necks with their hands even while leaving the classroom.

I have seen how serious they were in conducting the earthquake drill, and I must say that they understood how important it is to be ready at all times for future disasters.

After the loud sound, they all went out of the classroom. While outside, they covered their heads and went to the evacuation area.

My students went to the evacuation area for Grade 9. They were all waiting there as there was also a simulation for disasters recorded.

While they were on the line, I was in the particular area for evacuation because I was the team leader for communication.

Here are some of the photos from the drill while I was doing my task as the communication leader, together with my members, who were my colleagues.

And I have also captured the moment while my students were simulating an earthquake victim for first aid.

Perhaps we are doing the drill regularly since, at any moment, we all know that earthquakes can happen whether we are prepared or not.

While inside the classroom, I always think that safety is always a top priority for my students. Everything I do is for the good of my students and their welfare every time I am with them.

Suddenly I reflected on what if there was an actual earthquake. The effects of a natural disaster like an earthquake are so devastating, so there is a need to be prepared, specifically on what are the right things to do and how to react immediately in a situation where an earthquake suddenly occurs.

After the drill, I had a photo opportunity with my students. They had big smiles, and we returned to our classroom.

And that I am always grateful for the opportunity to conduct an earthquake drill with my class that will help us all for safety and immediate response in times of disaster.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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