I was happy graduating from high school and looking for a job for the first time. I didn't just want to sit at home doing nothing after I wrote my west African examination council and yes I passed it in one sit.

After the exam, I was tired of doing nothing because I am always home at every time and my father didn't allow me to learn how to makeup which I wish to learn so I decided to go for another option.

I started searching for work but I didn't get to see one fast, then thankfully a friend introduce me to where she works.

She works at a school as a teacher and took me to the school to apply as a teacher. Handing my letter of appointment to the proprietor of the school she asked me to resume at the school the next day. I was accepted and not rejected and I was happy.

I was appointed as a teacher for a primary Two student and it was fun teaching them. The school was a Montessori school and the students were brilliant and well-behaved.


My first job as a teacher was fun and I must say I gain a lot from teaching them because as I was teaching them I was also learning. Then at the end of the month, I receive my salary which was my first pay😋and I was so happy being the first time I receive the money I work for.

My boss is a very nice woman I must say and she cares for everyone who works at her school like her family. She shows us love and always talks to us with respect and everyone working for her at her school loves her. During Christmas time which was the second month, I spend In her school. she shared a big sachet of groundnut oil with everyone to celebrate Christmas and we were all happy.

Then I have to stop working at the school because at that time I gained admission into college and have to leave for school. The day I told her I won't be working at her school anymore she prayed for me and wish me success and I was glad she did.

My first work experience was fun and I wish all bosses will be like the one I worked for because she was nice and it was good working for her.

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading

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