A special lunch at work.

Greetings to all

My name is Carolina and I am delighted to find this space to share my experiences at work, I am a Public Accountant and I work in the administrative area of a very special place, a Trappist Monastery, I feel privileged to have this job, because it is a dream place, in the middle of a mountain and a spectacular climate, it is in the south of Merida State, Venezuela, near my hometown.

Here I am in charge of the accounts, personnel and everything related to accounting, which means that I spend my days between invoices and papers, it may seem boring, but I enjoy this, besides there are so many things to do, that there is no time for boredom, on the contrary, there is always a reason to smile, thanks to the charisma of my colleagues.

Rice with chicken, salad, cambur and rich dessert with lots of chocolate

The table is served and we have all gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the arrival of this Trappist family to Venezuela, a very special date not only for them, but also for the surrounding villages, because this place represents a great source of employment in this region far from the city, where the main source of income is agriculture.

This day, we arrived at our place of work and everything seemed to be a normal and ordinary day, quite quiet, in fact, suddenly, around noon, we were invited to one of the halls of the inn and when we arrived I was surprised to see the table served and that we were all together. It is worth mentioning, that we always have lunch at work and it is usually vegan food, very delicious and healthy, by the way, only on important dates, they eat meat, like this time, which menu included a delicious rice with chicken, which tasted like glory.

I even felt embarrassed, for forgetting the anniversary and at the same time I thought it was a very nice gesture on their part. Without a doubt, it was a very pleasant time, which allowed us to consolidate our relationship with the members of the Monastery.

After a small and beautiful speech, we managed to delight this fabulous dish, while smiles, jokes and joy accompanied us at the table. The photos speak for themselves, we really enjoyed this moment, as the great team that we are, as a big family.

Nothing like a nice meal, in good company, to recharge energy and continue the workday, with more enthusiasm and loving more what we do and of course our workplace.

Fostering friendly work environments, where everyone is taken into account, with equality, surely leads a company to success and this type of activity makes the worker feel appreciated, at least that's how I felt.

These days make you feel like a breath of fresh air, which makes us relax and then think about things calmly. After this delicious lunch, we talked for a while and it was quite interesting to learn more about the history of this beautiful place, we said goodbye and each one left happy to continue fulfilling their obligations.

I arrived at my office and finally remembered where that invoice was, which I had misplaced, just in time. So, this was a great day at work.

My original language is Spanish, I have translated using the Translator DeepL. Banner and cover created in Canva

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