It's Afri-tunes weekly contest here again, a beautiful community where musicians share and enjoy African music. Which I hope all it's participants are having a great time in it.

I almost missed this week's edition as am still trying to get myself together. But thank God am getting better.
For this week edition I'll presenting a medley of some Nigerian praises. The songs are Yoruba songs though please bear with me, still I attached the translation in the lyrics section. Thanks for your understanding.

I was not planning to do this song but when I was just about recording, everything changed lol. I was planning to do "OPE MI" by Pita, but then maybe that will be next week by God's grace. I love this two songs because it's interpretation has a lot of meaning to me. God has been faithful. Moreso, they're widely known and sanged in Virtually all Yoruba churches, it's one of those songs we use for praises. Choirs here can relate lol.

On the other hand, I need to apologise for the noise in the background, pardon your little brother. I hope you'll enjoy my little presentation.

Won ni kosaye loke (people say there's no space above)
owaye funmi loke (He [God] found space for me above)
ogbogo fole temi (He made me victorious)
Iyanu loruko re (miracle is your name)

Ijinle ninu ijinle oseun oo x2 (mystery in mystery thank you)
Anan mi soro (my past speaks)
oseun oo (thanks)
oni mi soro (my present speaks)
oseun oo (thanks)
ola mi asoro ogo (my future will speak/show forth glory)
oseun oo (thanks)
Ijinle ninu ijinle oseun oo (mystery in mystery thank you)

Thanks for stopping by

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