Afri-tunes Wk 44 - "Too Faithful By Moses Bliss" Cover

Hello Afri-tunes community, I missed you all 🥺
It's been two weeks away and I think that's such a long time, so happy I'm able to end the break.

I haven't been feeling too well but that wouldn't have stopped me from singing if my voice didn't get caught up in the illness, I've been battling with cough and catarrh that I think was not normal at all because drugs weren't helping 😩 but only a few days ago, I noticed I could go an hour without coughing so I decided to prepare a song for the community.


The song I chose to sing has so much resonance with my situation right now and I'm glad I know the song well enough to need much practice but then, it isn't good enough thanks to the cracked voice I had to force to sing. It's a song I've always enjoyed singing and I remember listening to the cover of this song by @angiesings which I enjoyed so much. I can only hope I was able to do a bit of justice to my own cover of the song.

"Too Faithful" is a song by "Moses Bliss" a Nigerian gospel artist is also a singer of the song "Daddy wey dey pamper" another nice song I love from his songs release. The song talks more about God's faithfulness towards His children, my life right now is thanks to his faithfulness towards me. The illness would have been worse for me if not for God behind and loving me all the way... I'm so grateful for my health.

Singing this song made so many thoughts run through my mind that I realize how much God loves and care for me and my family, it isn't a joke at all... We've been through and still going through a lot but somehow, it never seem like that because we always find a way out of it, God has been faithful!

I took my time to subtitle the video so I don't have to share the lyrics on my post and I hope it is helpful for any who knows the song and could sing along with me. Pardon my voice and take me as I am in this cover 🥲 I'd appreciate any correction regardless.

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