AFRI-TUNES WEEK 34// Nigerian Juju guitar freestyle by @imaculate50

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Hello everyone, music lovers and African music lovers ,a pleasant and warm welcome to Afri-tunes week 34, where we celebrate African Musicians through their songs.

I had always had it in mind to present juju song, so this time it will be a guitar freestyle of juju music, previously I have not been able to make some video shoot in action, but this time I got it and decided to share it here. A yoruba Juju highlife to be precise.

I believe most are all familiar with juju and highlife, in one way or the other we would have heared it but not know.

It comprises of different songs, maybe gospel, secular or love songs and others, but what differentiates it from others is the speed,tempo and rythmes, it's sweetness is comparable to none, I'm so familiar with it that I had been listening to it even before I learnt guitar,it was my motivation for learning the guitar before diverting into other genre.

I'm proud to be a true African and an highlife guitarist, therefore I will be sharing part of the lyrics and translation

won ni wo olenilaari (They looked down on you)
sawon lo lorun (are they God)
irawo re yo looke(your star shines bright)
awowon won logbomi oo( they are not happy)

baye banbinu kiwo sama tesiwaju
(Nothing can stop me)
baye banjaye kola re mapo ganni
(nothing can ever stop me)
awon to feo kolawon maapo
(my lovers shall succeed)
iserere koma dopin laayewon
(they shall never lack good things)

LYRICS by me

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