Hello there, I welcome you to my official video cover for this week's afri-tunes weekly contest and this week 52 also happens to be the week that afri-tunes marks a year on Hive as a community and today I'm joining everyone else to celebrate and wish afri-tunes a happy one year anniversary. I'm really super excited to be part of such a beautiful family and I'm most happy to be able to participate in this week's celebration. My week has been a little here and there, it was kind of one of those weeks when I have so much to do and I don't even know where to begin. But I'm happy that in the end I was able to create something special for this week.


I did the cover of a song by Kizz Daniel titled JAHO. This song is a song that speaks about showing appreciation for the little things and also a kind of motivation to everyone, letting them know that God has gat our backs no matter what, all we should do is know who we are and keep being the best of ourselves. Since this is a celebration week, I'd love to use this song to encourage everyone in the Afri-tunes community and beyond that little efforts pay, it's just a matter of time and knowing what you want. The Afri-tunes community had times when it seemed like they should just quit but then we still had to believe in ourselves and put in the work to make things work out differently for us and God was with us all the way and here we are celebrating with our community it's one year of consistency on the hive blockchain.


As they say, nothing good comes easy and I know a lot of people had given up on our community but now the Afri-tunes community has proven herself worthy and I know this will attract more people to herself but in all, the minds behind the community is what keeps it going and I know I might not know all of it but I do know that there are people working behind the scenes to make the Afri-tunes community a place for everyone. The community gave us Africans a place to share our music to people around the world and not just that, it has helped us become better at our singing, instrument playing and even our writing career.

Africa music is for everyone, the difference is that these songs are produced by Africans but they are not just for Africans. Music is generic and anyone, absolutely anyone is free to love it and African music as far as am concerned is part of the best and the Afri-tunes has created a platform for anyone to share Africa music and also share our singing and instrumental talents to the world. So if you know this is your first time hearing of the community, you should do well to subscribe to it so you can get access to listening to more African songs and also share your entries with us.


Hope you didn't think I will forget to mention my t-shirtttttt! No way, hehe. I want to specially appreciate the community for the gift of a t-shirt to celebrate with. I'm grateful to have been counted worthy to own one for myself for free, I know I would have spent a lot if I wanted to make one for myself but I didn't had to spend and I also didn't have to go through any stress too. Thank you so much @afri-tunes, I'm really grateful. A big shout out to our community founder @ksam and his Co founders @starstrings01 and @obaro. I also remember our amiable moderator @ovey10 for his hard work, well done sirs, hehe.

I also want to appreciate all our sponsors, you all are amazing, I say a big thank you for helping our community to have some interesting traffic lately, it's interesting, hehe. I also want to appreciate all my consistent viewers for their support and comments on most of my videos, I love you all and I keep looking forward to having more of your presence here on my blogs.


Property of Afri-tunes community

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

All images used are mine and you can find the lyrics of the song here

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