I'm super excited about today's entry, hehe. Hello there, where are my manners? Please pardon me... This is Afri-tunes community and my entry for the weekly contest, week 34 and I'm so happy you stopped by to listen to what I have presented. Well, unlike usual, today I did an original song, oh my!!! You were wondering why I said I was happy right? Well, that's the reason why I'm happy šŸ˜€. The song is titled "HE IS GOD".


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I had planned to sing an already made song by one artist but I found out that I was not getting the right vibes and just like that a melody came to my mind after listening to so many songs, hahaha and I decided to calm down and write my own song which I successfully did, hehe but I don't know how it's going to sound to you but I hope you like it šŸ„°.

It took me just few minutes to get the melody of the song and an hour plus to record it, so crazy!!! I just can't believe I did an original song and it was not as hard as I thought it would be, but I think it was not as hard because it was not in the studio, lolz. I really do hope I get the opportunity to go to the studio sometime to record my songs, hehe because now I want to start writing more of my own songs but that doesn't mean I won't do any more covers though.


I will lift up my voice
I will sing of your praise
To the one who reigns forever
For you are God
You are God
That is why I sing your praise
I will sing of your love
I will sing of your praise
To the one who reigns forever
I will lift up my voice
I will sing of your love
To the one who reigns forever

Where are all my sponsors, please you guys should shake body oo (do something), my ambassador @nkemakonam89 I know you are always there 24/7, even you my gee @quduus1. Well I know my GP @vickoly is not left out and @merit.ahama my mentor in the music industry your girl is greeting you Ma šŸ˜. I know someone is reading this and thanking God that I didn't mentioned them, well you know you are not left out, I did not mention you because you are top on the list and I don't want to be rude calling you anyhow but if you get to read this, just know that this girl needs sponsors šŸ„°.

Well, I will still mention some down at the comment section, and I'm thankful to you for stopping by and watching me sing, while disturbing you šŸ¤­. Remember your feed back is very much needed.

And please guys don't forget to subscribe to the Afri-tunes community, it will be an honor to get more people joining to share their African songs with us, you don't have to be African first you know right? As long as you love music, African music, you can freely share it with the Afri-tunes community, you are welcome šŸ„°.


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See you all later, bye for now šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹.

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