Hello everyone, I'm so delighted to welcome you to my blog in the Afri-tunes community. Today I will be Sharing my entry for the week 30 of the Afri-tunes weekly display of African songs and for this week I have chosen a song by a very popular artist here in Nigeria called Ayra Starr and the title of the song is RUSH.


Me feeling myself 😎😅

At first when I thought of making this song as my entry, I had thought it was going to be easy but I was so wrong and I remember when I read a post from a mentor advising that it is not good to say something is easy until we have done it 😀. I had to rehearse this song for a whole day but I still was not getting some things right so I had to wait till the next day to give it a try and it became a little better and I hope you enjoy it 🙈.

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Today, I had to wake up a little early so I can work on it before I was able to make the video you have just seen, but hey, I'm opened to any critics you have, hehehe. It will be really nice to see some encouraging words from you but trust me, I'd also love the critics because I know they will help me become a better singer.

So guys that's a wrap of my weird talk, just feel free, I'd be waiting to give a reply to you... And that reminds me, I'd love to shout out to @ksam, @olujay and @me, lolz 😂😂. Please don't mind me, I just need to shout out to myself because it was not easy trust me 😁.


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Please don't forget to subscribe to the Afri-tunes community, it is so much fun here, I've been away for a while now but guess what, I'm back 😎😂.


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See you all, one love ❤️.
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