Super Lemon Haze - Grow/Smoke Report

Hi everyone.
Today I would like to share with you a genetic that I have appreciated for many years: Super lemon haze by GreenHouse Seeds. Honestly, I'm not a fan of this very marketing-focused seed bank, sometimes with questionable methodologies (see colored seeds for example). They have some really excellent genetics, even if stability is not their strong point.
Among their genetics that in my opinion deserve to be cultivated at least once in a lifetime is the super lemon haze.
Unfortunately I only have photos of a crop where I put 2 slh with other genetics in the grow room with a 250W Hps Sylvania. Of these two plants (in 10 liter pots) one was a freak, and since it was in really bad shape and I was undecided whether to keep it, I decided beforehand to plant another slh. The latter was way behind the others and when I changed the light from 18/6 to 12/12 it was not quite ready to go into flowering. Despite having done almost the entire life cycle with only 12 hours of light, it was the largest producer of the entire cultivation, with a total of 81 days from the change of light.
Here are some photos of these two plants:

Slh Freak

37 days of seeds

4 days of flowering

13 days of flowering

32 days of flowering

47 days of flowering

*58 days of flowering *

70 days of flowering

81 days of flowering

Slh 2

day 17 of seeds

32 days of seeds

24 days of flowering

28 days of flowering

35 days of flowering

47 days of flowering

58 days of flowering

81 days of flowering

As for the slh freak, it obviously produced very little as you can see from the photos. the perfume is light and sweet, nothing particular. The taste is pungent and spicy, pleasant ... but there are many better. The effect surprised me, initially you feel it in your head, after half an hour it moves over the body and makes it energetic.

But the real slh, one of the phenotypes that appears to me recurring, is slh 2.
I like the scent very much, the scent of orange peel and mandarin is very intense, with a hint of something else that I can't define. The taste matches the smell somewhat, though not too much. Initially sweet, with nuances of sour mandarin.
The effect builds very quickly, after a few hits you already start to feel it. When you think the high is at its peak, it's actually only halfway through its ascent.

It is a great classic that is worth trying at least once in a lifetime.

Happy growing everyone!


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