Hello Hive, Hello WeedCash Network, I Introduce Myself

Hello everyone, my name is Weeedmann and I am very happy to start this new adventure.
The reason for this name is that I am fond of this nickname as I have used it in other forums dedicated to fans of our beloved weed.

Super Lemon Haze by Greenhouse Seeds

The reason for my presence here is the passion for this fantastic plant in all its forms, for the love that is usually present in the communities that deal with this topic, to learn some things and improve other things. I also like to share photos and information.

The passion for cultivation starts from 2008-2009, when I made my first indoor self-production. Horrible setup, no ventilation or extraction, in a small closet.😆 Maybe I'll talk about it later in a dedicated thread with attached photos and all the necessary information.
I have always cultivated with the earth. I have also studied other crops such as hydroponics or aeroponics but until now I have stayed true to the earth, experimenting with various substrates with different compositions. I have also harvested outdoors, mostly in guerrilla cultivation.
I tried different lamps and wattages, different growing techniques, different growboxes, I tried to create my own strain.

Northern Light Pheno #2 X Nigerian

I love to experiment, so in this profile I will share everything from photos and information on past and future crops, marijuana genetics from landraces to the latest generations, various extractions, with or without solvents, plant care and maintenance, cultivation techniques, etc..

Thanks to @Mangopie for letting me know about the existence of this fantastic community
I send a big hug to all hivers passionate about this phenomenal plant!🤗


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