Guide for hash extraction without tools

Hello everyone!

I remember when a friend came to my house. He is a casual grower, he smokes so little that a small crop can last him over 1 year. He brought some trim with him, a mix of the waste from cleaning his plants. He told me he wanted to make hash with it but he didn't have any tools to do it. I explained to him that with a small investment he could obtain sieves with which to proceed with dry beating. But since he wasn't going to spend any money, I taught him an easy way to make hash with stuff we all usually find at home:

So the necessary things are:

  • A bowl
  • Something to hit like a wooden spoon, stick.
  • Scoth or rubber bands
  • Dry waste material
  • 2 nylon's stockings (old or unused stockings otherwise you'll deal with mom or wife)

    The first thing to do is insert the sock inside the bowl so that it is well pulled. Being careful not to break the sock. I take the two ends and tie them under the bowl.

I used another sock, cut it and made a second layer to filter everything a little better. But this step is not mandatory since it will still be necessary to filter everything afterwards.

I took a hard plastic bag and made a rectangle out of it.
I took the trim and placed it over the tight sock staying a little away from the edges.
I covered it with the plastic square, closed it around the bowl with scoth tape and started playing the drums in rhythm. I continued for a few minutes and went to see the result.

Ok, it came out but it is very contaminated with pistils and crumbled leaves. More filtering is needed. And here comes our grinder friend. The result we get varies according to the size in microns of our grinder's mesh. I did it with 2 different sizes so you can get an idea of ​​the difference in the result.

Is it worth it? Being scarce material yes, it's worth it. Although there would be other ways to extract the active ingredient from our waste material. For many people it may not be worth it, but for me, who loves smoking good hash so much, doing this process to the rhythm of music is something I do with extreme pleasure.


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