Getting Started Again - Seeds Garmenting

guess what my cannabis peeps? I am back at it again finally after 3 months of no growing. I am happy to show off the random seeds I am germinating, These are from my outdoor flower from this summer, I am taking my chances as these could herm very easy but I am doing a whole new setup this time.

Plans -

Always have 5 plants germinating,

always have 5-10 in the seedling stage

Always have 5 in veg stage

always have 5 topped and sexing

always have 3-5 in flower

So as you can see I am working on getting plants in every stage, This will allow me to sex and flower and veg all the time. I want to get able to pull one plant and have another 1-2 ready to go into the 100 Gallon pot and be ready for flower.

So with these plans, I have started 10 seeds

3 white widow

1 headband

6 Random outdoor

3 columns
2 columns
1 column