Weedcash - Nugpron Contest - Come Share and win


Do you want to get a sweet sweet vote on your Cannabis, hemp, CBD, content?

Make sure to use atleast one of tags:


These tags are checked daily to see your content.


Now we don't just give them spam post a vote cause they have a photo or 4 we want to hear and read about your plants, strains, news

Get them nugporn photos loaded and ready. This week I am starting a nugporn contest.

This contest is meant to get some much-needed nugporn here on Weedcash and ready to share daily on the interweb social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Make sure to add some strain details or how it smokes.

This is going to be a small way to share posts and photos from Weedcash to other social platforms.


Rules to this contest are going to be so simple.

  1. Original Photos only
  2. Add Username watermark 💧 (optional)
  3. Make a post showing the nugporn (Details are needed for a vote and share of community Rewards)
  4. Share to your social media, Tag and use #hive tag on Twitter. If Able
  5. Use #nugporn & #weedcash tag

With this contest you will receive an upvote from @skylinebuds , The liquid rewards from this post will be split between 50% burning and 50% to people posting in the contest.

I will also be choosing someone that posts at random to win 42.0 powered-up weedcash.

You can post daily for the upvote but only one post will win the 4.20 Weedcash each week.

Are you interested in helping get some ads for the weedcash network? You can simply add @weedcash.gov to the beneficiaries and help fund the marketing of weedcash.

Are you good with photoshop or similar? I also want to take a marketing ad out on a few places for weedcash and would like to see the community maybe make a few ads.
Try not to use words like Cannabis, rewards, crypto, weed

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