[Polessins' Grow Log] - Durban Poison and Banana Blaze Week#9

I am back potheads =D


This week i can say was a recovering one. I paid a lot of attention to them sicking for any problems that could still be going, but at the end it was a very calm and safe week, very different from the last one, gladly..

You can check the previsou week here WEEK #8


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Durban 1 is back on track. After being shocked from a snap, she is now doing pretty fine. Her leaves are looking better, beside the ones that was already damaged lol. I wonder if i should pluck them out already. I guess they are not helping much anymore, right ?

This plant have 3 awesome top branches right now, that are still geting bigger and bigger. All the new growth are looking good, and i guess she is starting to get ready for flowering soon. Maybe 2-3 weeks more..

I am still worried about the size these ones can get during flowering stage. I adjusted my light height in about 10 cm today, since they were almost touching the light again. Luckly they are all growing the same height.

Durban poison 2

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Durban 2 was the one it the hardest recovering. I had to top her very late. As i said on my previous posts, my idea was to let go 100% natural, while doing some training on the durban 1, but it unfortunately it was not possible due the incredible vertical growth it had. It also had a very big problem with soil stability, and i had to flush her.... since then i have not watered her at all.. and the soil is still moisty. I was going to feed her a little bit today, but i think i will get it dry 100% before start with the nuts. I couldn't figure out if it was an overfert issue or something else. I can say i am happy with it again. The top leaves are handling the flush pretty well. I am also thinking of taking off some of these ultra damaged leaves. They might just be using energy for nothing..
let's hope we can see some good evolution from her this week.

Banana Blaze

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This one loves to grow leaves. Damm...

I defoliated 100% of it's fan leaves last week, and there is a bunch of new ones up already. I am worried that they might be covering up the bud sights from direct light. I am also thinking of starting some LST on her. Only to move a few branches towards better light spots. So far she never had a single problem. Not a single weird leave or any damage sign. i Think this is going to be my best harvest from all i ever did. I also topped her very late, but i love to see how her new tops are growing.

Vegetative fase

I guess they will need maybe 3-4 weeks before i can start flowering them. Not sure if this is going slower then it should, since they are my first photos. Well, i am not in a rush, and i will let them take the time they need.

The little Clone attempt.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-26 at 22.59.23 (1).jpeg

@lacausa, is this correct ? It look like a bad cropped image, lol.

I cut some of the leaves as i understood, and hey, it look pretty much alive.
I still can't see any root around the cup, but i've been watering it every day. Trying to keep it as moisty as i can. The tent is going around 65% humidity, and i am using a plastic bowl over it to help maintain the humidity high. Still i am not sure what it is going to happen. Even if it works fine, she will be to late for the flowering, and i am not sure if i can keep vegetating the other ones for a few extra months until she can reach em out. Well in the worst cenario, i will start flowering with her still not ready.. But this for the future. Not really worried about this right now.

That is all for this week =D

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-26 at 22.59.21.jpeg

Thanks again, and i hope to get some cool advices on what you guys think about LSTing my banana blaze, and what to do with the clone in the near future. Any other tip is highly appretiated as well !

See you all next week.

Peace !!

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