[Polessins' Grow Log] - Durban Poison and Banana Blaze Week#0

Hello Weed Lovers !

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Time to start a new grow. This time i will make things a little different, trying to improve my last results. I gathered a lot more information and i decided to change a few things.

I wish i had auto flowers to try again, but all i could get this time was photoperiods.

Let's first check the grow setup :


Pot : 4 Gallon Smart Pot

Nutrients : Remo Nutrients super charger kit (7x1). I will finish my last batch.

Temperature : so far between 20 and 24 celsius inside the tent.

Humidity : so far 65%.

Tent : 1,20 x 1,20 x 1,80

Light : 490W full spec.

Light cycle vegetative : 16hours/8hours lights on from 5am to 9pm.

Light cycle flowering : will reduce to 12/12hours. from 5 am to 5pm.

The Seeds.

Banana Blaze :

This always has been one my favorite strains. Its very sweet, taste and smeel are like a candy store, and have a powerfull effect to get you stuck in the couch. It is great before watching movies.

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Durban Poison :

This one i have never tried, or even seen.
It is gonna be a total surprise. I hope it is going to be good.

well , i took a look at this strain on their website

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Starting from scratch.

I decided to switch my soil to Carolina Soil, different from the previsou one, this one got a little bit of nutrients on it. Enough to get my seed going for the 1 week. Grabed my 3 pots and started to fill them. I bought the 8kg pack, but it seems like i should have taken a little bit more. The soil feels realllly soft and its ultra light ! I wont use worm castings this time, since it already got some.


Watching water closely...

The last few weeks of my previous grow were screwed by me. I quit calibrating my tool because im a piece of shit. When i got it to calibrate this time, i saw what i expected. My Ph meter was out of range. Showing a +0.3pH difference in all base solutions. This time i will do things right, and calibrate it every third use. Ive been using the following kit with 3 base solutions (4.0 pH, 7.0pH and 10.0pH), an Ackso pH meter and some local garden shops ph down/up sollutions i could find around here.

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Pre Watering

Before placing my seeds, i pre watered the pots. Set the Water pH to 5.9. No nutrients used so far.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-25 at 21.45.25 (6).jpeg

Last time my tap water was about 8.5pH. I thought it was weird when i saw it 6.7, i ended up calibrating the whole shit again. Got some water 6.0 based pH and tryed my meter on it. It was all fine after all. My tap water just seems to change the pH a lot. so i must be very carefull, and keep watching it.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-25 at 21.45.25 (7).jpeg

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Seting up the tent.

Before running my new grow, i kinda reworked my whole tent. Changes some fans so the air flow could be a little better. Cleaned it all very well. Rebuild my exhaustion system. I tought it were pushing less air then it should, so i remade all the wiring connections. Nothing has changed. I think its just kinda slow. But it is working at least. Cleaned and refilled my coal filter and also replaced this metal tube. i bought by mistake 10 meters of it on i started... =[. Ill blame my lack of attention and the US metric system. I am still thinkig about how i will set the light height. i grabed some hooks today, that might work. Right they it is about 60cm above my plants.

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Fixes and must fixes.

I already talked to the manufacturer and he will sent me some leds to replace it. So far only one stop working, but he sad this things are normal. Im kinda afraid, lol. This week i might recieve it, and i will work around on the fix, doesn't seem too hard.

The picture on the right got me some trouble. My last one kinda melted appart, which was pretty dangerous, luckly i could smell it when i entered the room and took it off. my plants got a few days of different light time, but they survived. Not sure if any stun was caused. Still, i replaced the burned wires and everything is 100% ready to go.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-25 at 21.45.25 (10).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-25 at 21.43.04.jpeg

All Set. Let's Go !

After everything is on point, i placed the seeds directly on the soil (no paper towels or glass of water before). I also started them directly in the 4 galon pot. I dont want to fuck up trying to transplant it. I hope soon i will be better on this thing, and i will start doing more risky stuff.

Not sure yet what kind of trainning i will be doing on my girls, i guess ill let one durban go 100% natural, and the other one i will try some stuff. On the Banana i think i will just top it and some light LST.

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Advices and Tips ?

I will be happy if you guys have any tips for me, i am giving my best to improve it, therefore i will be able to bring some awesome content !

I will upgrade this grow weekly so we can see what is going on !

Thanks Everyone for Reading and stoping by !!!

Cheers Guys !

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