With enough whiskey and weed, it can always be Christmas.


it helps if you just don't take your tree down

I swear we aren't leaving it up because we are lazy. We have nothing but time these days. It's because it's a nice source of warm light and warm feels in these cold times. It's not just winter that makes these cold times.

I'm drinking bourbon and decided to vape some bags tonight. We got a Volcano earlier this year and, honestly, we don't use it much. It's a great machine, though. I really should use it more. I'm vaping some Blue Widow but it's also sprinkled with kief from the collection, which can be all sorts of different strains all mixed together.

That's what I need right now. The mixed bag of kief sprinkled on top of the ground up weed is the only way I can get as high as I want to tonight. I should get some extract stuff again. I haven't fucked with dabs in a while. I have enough devices that i can vape extracts easily. I blew up a bong doing dabs a while back.



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