HELP! Is There a Simple Grower's Guide Anywhere Please?

A couple of months ago I posted about the relaxation of the rules and the decriminalisation surrounding the use and growth of Cannabis and Hemp here in Thailand. A subject I know very little about to be honest...

...and when I arrived on Koh Samui this week, I found the father-in-law had obviously been at the front of the queue for the freebie plants the government were giving away...

It seems that the normally green-fingered Khun Phaw is struggling a little and so rather than simply Google, I'd drop into Hive and ask the great and good of the community for their advice. @derangedvisions seems to be the expert from the many posts about this healthy looking crop so if you wouldn't mind dropping a comment here I'd be grateful, same applies to anyone else who can help please!

The following are pics of how his current crop is going and as I said, I'm a bit lost but I know he's had a few dies already. If it helps, we're on Koh Samui, tropical climate, very hot and currently, frequent strong showers and the plants are potted and outside.

As I said, any ideas of the soil types and do they like direct sunlight or shade etc I had thought it would be a case of 'the hotter the better' but I'm not even sure about that! Usually in the UK, this stuff is grown under lights in plastic tents!

Thanks in advance ladies and gentlemen!


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