Cannabis: a new frontier with new purposes


I had nice messages with @ganjafarmer and here I am starting a brief series of contents about cannabis.
Don’t worry, I am not improvising my knowledge and I am lucky that the all of the contents I will mention in those articles are coming from my life-partner who is one of the most relevant cannabis researcher in Italy about this topic.
She is also eventually planning to do some AMAs together with @ganjafarmer ‘s support and my thanks are going to him, for suggesting us creating more topics in this field. So be sure to stay updated from my profile here if you are interested in that.
So, you are going to see a few articles here on this profile, for the most part, made from a professional of the field.

I have personally had the chance to take part into some seminars about cannabis applications and what has been found is that results are amazing in several areas of applications: pain-therapy, aging diseases, dermatology, oncology for cancer treatment. But beyond medical applications, many applications has also been found into constructions, rope creation (for sailing it’s already regularly in use). And we cannot forget that the first Ford T, was built with cannabis fibers, making its weight very lighther than the current mix of steel and plastics.

So, let’s start breaking down some myths but starting with a small disclaimer.

Disclaimer: everything that will be written in those articles are just information and do not represent medical advisory. Those information cannot replace the advice of a doctor. So, before using any of the information given, be sure to get information from reputable professionals.

And here some myths.

Cannabis do not create addiction.

This is something that is current under investigation but what can certainly be told is that medical treatments with CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) create addictions since patients tend to need increases doses to get same results. This is one of the reason why CBD-based treatments have usually an increasing dose but after a cycle they are suspended.
Hey, I am not judging people that have a joint sometimes. We are here writing about some discoveries about hemp and canna-products.

Smoking cannabis can give benefits

Well, smoking cannabis can give a little bit of the positive benefits BUT they have always been disputed since smoking tobacco and cannabis are definitely not healthy because of the burnt substances creating carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide. You can check better here (
So, smoking hemp related products has not such benefits like people can mention about.

THC can be taken just with vaporizer

Actually THC can also be take with sub-lingual form, so there is no absolute need for a vaporizer.
Anyway, THC preparations have to be prescribed from a doctor, so be sure to listen carefully what they suggest.
And if you are looking for CBD, that can be found also in meals. So, no really need to smoke it to assume it.

You cannot drive during the assumption of cannabis related products

There are usually not limitations during assumptions of CDB while there are always limitations about driving under THC effects. Anyway, under some conditions AND an eventual medical certificate even driving under certain THC consumption will be even allow.
Let’s warm up engines on this topic!
Stay updated for the next!

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