The afterglow


I remember having a necklace and earrings with a cannabis leaf symbol as a teenager. Even without consuming it at all, it was for me a symbol of freedom and nonconformism.

A weed is also what we refer to as an undesirable plant or a plant in the wrong place. Over time people have tried to control both weeds: the basic plants and the drugs. I think there are not necessarily good or bad things; it depends on how you use them. Nature might have her ways that humans don't always understand.

However, an 'into the wild' experience is not exactly something to be wished for. The magic of the LSD happens in our minds as well as we take the decision to go ‘into the weed’ using the same mind, only that it is in a non-altered state.

My questions are: Who are you after there’s no drug in your brain? Is it the same? Is it better? Is it worst?

Feel free, feel happy, feel healthy! ❣️😀

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