Smart Media Tokens (SMTs): the Origins of STEEM-Engine

So, at some point in the past Steemit had an issue where most people could not earn enough to mean anything. So they created a Protocol on the Blockchain by which Smart Contracta could be made, like ERC20 Type Tokens.

This is a good place to start, it was written when they were created

Scot Bot Tokens

DTube Clones

These Tokens are currently one of the best options for a company with little to no resources to create their own Cryptocurrency, and growing it by building a community on Steemit. ERC20 Tokens are more complicated because they are not as liquid upon creation, require some coding knowledge, require Ethereum Wallets which themselves are a barrier to entry for the non-tech savvy, and are not connected to a Social Media Crypto earning platform.

Ethereum dApps are for Ethereum Miners to use, others coming in are extra really, there are others but they are Buying gas power and learning Ethereum. Graphene SMTs are on Steemit, a much better GUI model.

If you have skill as a Programmer and want to Upgrade STEEEM, BLURT and HIVE, these are the Steemit git Repos for Smart Media Tokens (SMT) which are now most well known from Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine Tokens made by Aggroed, DTube and APPICS (Scot Bots). If you were to implement any of this, you could then announce it on BLURT and both earn BLURT and Trade Tokens for BLURT. You could be the BLURT Aggroed:

If anyone wants to help Build the Future, I added a question on Quora regarding creating Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) from github meant for Steemit, by forking them to BLURT

I am sure someone will accomplish the task of creating SMTs on BLURT at some point, and earn themselves plenty of money. But if the process could be explained on Quora, or at least discussed, then people will have a good starting point for Future Graphene Token Projects.

I will continue to add more and more information to BLURT discussions so that there is even more that can be achieved by the community.

Because when you go on Google and search "BLURT" and just keep scrolling and reading, for hours and hours, this is what you will find, and this is what you were looking for. I am putting together information to create the Future, by letting other people find it all in 1 place.

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