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Sell Your SBD and HBD for BLURT, Tell Everyone!!!!!


Here is how we are going to be creating Earnings that are not like Wages, but like an Oil Well

  1. Blurt, Hive, Steemit + Minnow Support + Canna-Curate + Steemit Communities (APPICS, DLIKER, PunicWax, etc) + Hive Communities
  2. SBD + HBD ---> Blurt
  3. Blurt + Steemit + Hive + Canna-Curate on Bitcointalk
  4. Steem-Engine Tokens + Hive-Engine Tokens + Steemit Communities + Hive Communities + Scot Bots
  5. TRON TRC20 Tokens + Bounty0x
  6. Blurt ---> STEEM Power
  7. STEEM Power to Steem-Engine and Hive Engine, back and forth continuously selling Tokens and STEEM as needed for Liquid, or buying BLURT, etc..
  8. DTube Clones
  9. Blurt Forks
  10. Several other Blockchains

We can also start trading Gold and Silver for Currencies, once a few people do that the value will basically be backed by Gold, and the person selling Gold for Blurt at $0.02 makes tons of earnings on the Blurt Moon Ramp.

SBD & HBD ---> Blurt Power
Curate and Continue until Blurt is $0.50 or $1.00

Cash out 1/3 Blurt at $0.50-$1.00

Buy STEEM Power at $0.15 or so

Be a Steemit Whale. Help new people earn SBD to buy BLURT.

It is like Built-In Buy Support, we just suggest to everyone "Hey, you know you can buy BLURT with your SBD/HBD earnings?"

I have been going around telling people they have BLURT on their STEEM accounts from March 2020. If we can get the word out that BLURT is a STEEM Fork, and help everyone understand what that means:

  1. We can bring in new users who will be active BP upvotes, or they will dump on the market and we will be active BP upvotes after we buy their BLURT

  2. It will give a jumpstart to the recruitment effort, and people that have no idea what any Crypto is but Steemit and BTC, will be telling people about BLURT.

  3. People will be prepared to create their own Forks when the SocialGraph project is done.

Everyone should understand what BLURT being a STEEM Fork means.

Come join the BLURT thread on Bitcoin talk and help by announcing price spikes, new exchanges for BLURT, post every time you power up and share all your best links:

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