Industrial Hemp Farms: CBD Isolate & Terpsolate

Just to help the Community, if anyone wants to start making CBD products, buy the starting ingredient here.

They have the best prices. CBD Isolate is Pure CBD crystals, crushed to power.

Terpsolate is the Pure CBD with Terpenes added back. I have done lots of writing on Terpenes in the past on a blog, so I will start moving that info here.

CBD Isolate



CBD Terpsolate




My Wife and I are using the CBD Isolate to make Soap.

Suggestion for Blurt Cannabis Community

We should also do a "Balm of Gilead" harvest next year. We/I will just promote the Identitification of the tree and prep people to go out in their area and get other people to help get the word out. The Balm contains Caryophyllene which is an FDA Food Additive approved Cannabinoid.

There are also Uziza leaves from Nigeria, which also contain Caryophyllene. If we could get some Uziza farm or market workers on Blurt, that would be interesting.

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