Start with LST in the new cycle (25 days), with an auspicious ladybug.

Good evening WeedCash Network and Hive friends. We are finally on holidays and we have a few more minutes available, I was able to take care of the girls a little.

Luckily my mistake with the lamp didn't kill the plants, which actually recovered very well. The leaves that had burnt have become dry, but everything else is growing very fast.

Today I started doing the first folds with the LST. I had bought some clips, which obviously I never found... So I started tying threads everywhere, it's a long and precise job, being careful not to break anything,

The only problem with the threads is that I don't see them constantly, I'm afraid they might grow too much and break, but the threads are very elastic, they shouldn't have time to grow so much.

Some have already started branching very well, now that I have exposed the branches to more light, I think they will soon become nice bushes :).

I also used the LST on the frick plant, which as you can see however grows a lot, like the others, so I took care of it too because I want to keep all the buds at the same height as much as possible.

The nice thing about today, besides the fact that the girls had recovered very well, was finding a beautiful ladybug on one of my plants. For farmers in the past it was considered an good auspicious sign for the harvest, ladybugs being our friends in the fight against parasites, I hope it brings good luck ;).

We are now at the end of the year, I will wait for a few days to pass to see the first results of the LST and I will share them. In the meantime, have a happy holiday and I wish you a great 2023.

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