Harvest day - Third plant review, the Mangoxpie (2), personal genetics.

Friends, It's came the harvest day, I analyzed the trichomes of the remaining three and I opted to harvest the Mangoxpie (2 - Cherry Pie #18 X Somango 47), which had a good number of amber trichomes.

It smells very good and is rich in resin, but it's a pity that it had problems in the flowering phase, perhaps a PH block or some deficiency that I didn't understand, I also had to tie it to supports, because it had no strength in the trunk and it fell. perhaps because I used a new powdered fertilizer, which made it more difficult to manage the plants, so I will return to my old, more natural method, little and when needed. I still have to study a lot about absorption and nutrients.

Despite these problems, we managed to complete a good flowering, which also made it good for not having used any technique and having let it grow spontaneously.

Compared to the two previous plants that had compact buds, this one was more difficult to clean, bulky and with uneven buds, nice resinous, but different from her sister Mangoxpie (1), which was all compact.

As for the yield, I was satisfied, 97g fresh, but in this case I'd expect it to drop more in percentage, precisely because it is not very compact. It probably had a more sativa percentage and I'm also pleased, because the first two send you to bed, they're very powerful, I'd miss having a lighter one that you can easily use all day long.

Having crossed genetics with hybrid percentages, balanced between sativa and indica, I can expect anything, in fact I would like to be able to analyze them, even to know the percentages of cannabinoids, but I don't think it is possible in my case, we will see in the future if I will grow and be able to have stable genetics, that would be a dream.

Friends, I'm preparing the new plants for the next cycle, in the next post I'll introduce them to you, that's all for today, I hope it was interesting, let me know what you think, a hug and happy 420 to all.

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