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There is a woman I like. And for 2 years I see her a few times a week. I would like to know her better. because the contact we have is usually short. But I feel a definite click. And I feel like she likes me too. I always see her in the morning. When I'm still fresh and fruity. She works in the shop where I get my weed. And I'd love to invite her over to chill, But then my insecurity kicks in. I'm not happy with my own body. I have a belly but that's the least. I have to go to the dentist again. I keep up with it but I have bad teeth and fear of the dentist. As long as I'm not in pain I won't report there anytime soon. But outwardly I also want something so I have to make an appointment again and gather courage. I also don't have a good condition that I want to work on. And she makes me want to work on it,


I have had 2 real relationships with other women in my life. I've had several but I don't call that a relationship. But the relationships were unstable. I wanted to be a kind of savior and my exes had problems and I wanted to help there. Dumbest ever. Anyway I have a good hard and I don't like misery if I can help I usually do, But the problems were mostly with drugs, The first I was still young and was in the speed and ecstasy era. Yes, that was a thing in the 1990s-2010 here. That ex only turned 29 years old, she died of carbon monoxide. poisoning by a heating system. But knowing her it was also the drugs that she didn't get it, and awake for days, My other ex is still alive and has an addiction that is necking hard. I don't want to say too much about it. Or put her in a bad light, She's doing well at the moment but a relapse will probably come again.
I occasionally help her with a top of cannabis. But I don't want anything more to do with her.

In short, my view of women in relationships is distorted by these women.

I've been through a lot of trouble in my life. But I'm done with it. And while you have to bring happiness out of yourself, others can be a nice addition to each other's lives. And I'm ready for that. A little luck and that I can share that. because I have enough to give.

Why am I telling you all this. sharing is caring. No, I'm just super medicated. And let's face it, real love is beautiful.

I remain unsure to make a first real move, afraid it will be weird to get me weed there. or that she doesn't like me at all or rejects me. But at least I can cry here
lol yes i'm going to sleep friends have a good night and believe in the power of love, and weed


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