pHuck! Hold on be right back.
Never mind you didn't even notice I wasn't smashing the keys with this wasteful anger.
Or that I had to go and re-take every photo, Pretty Flowers though.
Right? "Looks good from my house." as they say.
Knot pHucking really. This looks good in your house too, probably better than my screen. Mine is a little dirty and glare and lighting.
You get the picture. 😉
See, wasteful unwarranted anger, just breeze right thru, can't see photo try the brail version, maybe it'll compress the file so you can share the first 15 carefully curated photos intended to be shared to the network.
Pfft brail system down to.
Man this tech thing, @dandays is getting that smell-a-vision thing going still, that'll be a great addition.
I'm betting that the Beta version isn't ready yet, no worries this a familiar one. MotorBreath here, directly above this paragraph. The Jack version frosty an sticky looking out of focus almost, in the middle. Some ladies just demand all the attentions.
Pretty flowers, and well a "bolcano" as my 2 yr had told me multiple times. Makes sense there is a lot of Indica leaning variety in this particular part of the Desert. Make it a bit more scenic, eh?
I'll just keep it moving here. These 2 are looking wonderful, both produced a cutting for me a while back. Those are just taking to a larger pot like a weed to a field. Hmm, might be on to something there.
The root structure to me is impressive no matter the arrangement, it's all by chance for me when setting an over the something Bonsai up. That horseshoe at the entrance is facing down for a reason.
Superstitions can be a motherpHucker. Some of us live and die by them.
The ones that don't live by them tend to die from them.
This, this is my desired outcome, granted a little smaller than a golf ball but this MotorBreath nug has some time yet. Long as that shoe's got some luck left to drop on me then I'm happy.
Like that shade? No? It blocks radar an it's surplus, works great. I'm sure it's familiar to some. Works good for messing with your depth perception while your trying to rack, an well here it works great for casting a pHucked up shadow for the photo.
Box 1 and 2 have been upgraded. Getting the big bags out, not going to market yet but soon enough. The test run/ pheno hunt I've been on is a not a typical one, most would've flipped the ladies on hand and seen what was what from there. Cool plan. Go for it. I'd like to see what they do I've got the right season on hand. I can always just check with the cuttings if I'm that curious.
That is to say that I don't like this leaf or that. Node spacing is important for me I like to look for a long space between. Overhead is a problem for everyone, in one sense of the words meaning or another.
Theory time:
If I can find me a nice real tall girl, with the flower profile and punch I'm looking for, my money is on the WC4 x 5G, Or Slymer Wilson x 5G. Then the other 2 hi CBD breeds I am looking to cross into will allow for a real lanky lady. With time of course. That being said, overhead right?
Well yeah maybe but "Do You Even LST?"
Looks pretty huh?
I do like this Petrafied OG setup. From Root to tops only a foot so far, but almost 4' across.
Hard to be pissed off when hanging around here in the planter, whole thing is climate controlled.
"Needs Swept though."
Kind of like the you missed a spot there.
PiCtUrE taking hard. Growing in 5 Gallon bucket; not as hard?
Very debatable, Don't believe me?
Go ahead ask any one of your random acquaintances, not friends. Friends will know the difference. I'm mostly aware of what choir I'm preaching to.
Acquaintances will not only get you killed, but will hardily declare that it's easy to do and anyone with a water can, can indeed grow "weed".
Although, growing High Quality Cannabis, not the same. Matter of fact there are books upon books of knowledge that I myself have not cracked that explain the How To right down to the bugs that are eating the bugs that are eating the well you get it.
That book, I have read. THRILLING.
Don't tell the new guy. It's boring as phuck
She is doing pHantastic if'n I do say so myself.
That right there, reaching out to to let you have a touch of her fan leaf there, is one of the lower of the lower branches just looking tough. Few more nodes and all those lower ladies are going to have to go through a chop. It will allow for my breeding crosses of the CBD strains to have a vulgar namesake, hopefully.
Trimming back the lower branches will also force more possible bud sites to develop for the future.
Looking forward to the spot on the board.
Been a pHucking week if you can imagine, not poke myself in my 3rd eye rough. That might be in order though. Probably go for a mushroom cap instead of the cardboard corner @davedickeyyall got it with.
Might turn the corner and have a positive week.
With all that it's not the most NEW new, but new for me.
For the 4/19 late night munchies
A Coffee Bean and Cake Cone scope on me.
DSC_0029 (2).1.JPG
Acrylic on Canvas
Photo by Me as well with Nikon D5200

Hope everyone has a Good week,

Knottydaddy, Tied Off.

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