Hands down...

One of the the worst months on record in recent personal history, that comes to mind that is. They say things fall in three's, sounds good seems, optimistic to only have to get a way with three unfortunate events, decisions, reaction's whatever start's the dominos to fall.
This particular domino dropped happened on the 20th, the youngest had a problem, his hand looked like a balloon animal, few days before his oldest brother decided to close the door, for once, on his little fingers. This pain lasted another four days but ended up being an infection from some sort of insect bite or sting. A little toward the end of the month I know but it's a good photo even if I didn't get to take it. I did however pay for it, so I guess it is mine in a way.
This photo I did take though. I had the ladies moved to that other area, but when other folks fell like they can just walk in an out, with out paying any attention to how to close a door. Long story short, lack of respect and poor manners trigger spiteful reactions in my artful presentations. I moved the Platinum Gorilla over rock to the corner of the front driveway.
The MotorBreath that I salvaged and was not eaten by goats is also RIGHT OUT FRONT. If Drunken idiots can ride dirt bikes with no helmets with no worry of damage or lose, then I think my offensive foliage can reside where it can be most appreciated.
Winds have been heavy and being in Veg those leave did take a beating but just made for stronger stocks all around.
The flower tent is looking well, I keep hard on the Dr. Bronners. The mantis are all but gone for keeping the pest's at bay.
The Slymer x Wilson x 5G is in the fade hard and today being the 25th she is getting the chop. I'm sure you would like pictures of that but I have to type this before I can do that and well you see the loop. Busy, Busy right?
Working around the yard all day this was as close as I could get. On the jewelers loop. Getting nice and milky and only a few tips of amber, time to go.
The top shot of the tip's in the 4 x 4. Topped and Monster Cropped. I recommend both methods, just go light on the scissors, and careful with the bend.
This is one of my Grandpa's rooster, somewhere in the 4.5-5 lbs. I had been looking after them. This guy was fairly aggressive the first few days, but you know how it is, sometimes you just got to knock a motherpHucker out to get to respect you, being new in the yard in all.
I had to change his water pal, he didn't like me being in there. These folks don't pHuck 'round either, see those spurs?
He went for it while I was stepping in and well, fight or flight. He caught a left straight, an right back to his stoop he sat. We've been cool ever since.
The Thin Mintz bag seed that we had been running has be pulled and very amber miner tinge of milky, being as far as two weeks out it's definitely sleepy. Tasty but sleepy for sure.
It's a little shaky but some Macro photography for you on the Thin Mintz
Off the main branch and in to the rack.
Next lady that came down was the Wedding Cake x 5G. I really was impressed with this particular pheno. It was, from the looks of it far more to the Indica side of the breeding stock. Smell was a plus for sure.
Being that it has been soooooooo long since I have dropped in just gonna remind of the pollenating rabbit hole I did go down and still have not stopped yet. The four males that I had collected from only two at the time were mature enough for this round. Lucky for me the Colorado Crush, and the Wedding Cake #2 that I had kept from the field were available for a cross. Looking forward to seeing how the backcross will turn out.
I know.
What are we looking at?
Why do I think you might care why I have a 5th wheel hitch half in the the truck with some crazy arm hoist thingy. Well I did happen to dream that hoist arm thingy up actually. Then went to the shop built it, and what do you know it's useful as pHuck. Like really pHucking useful that hitch is heavy as shit. I used a tractor before to get it in an out the first time, that particular piece of equipment is currently unavailable. pHuck'em anyhow.
Lost a wheel on the dump trailer a while back and ended up having to replace the axle. So obviously having a need and spare parts laying around that could spin while under a load I hacked the drum off and welded the spindle to the riser. Bang. Looks good sitting in there. Gonna make pulling the XL trailer for the Plan B.
So this was the original thought grab one of these up and throw some shelves down, maybe cut a sunroof in, hit the road with my self and the nursery.
Now if the thought of myself and a mobile nursery is out of hand.
You must be new here. I'm on the deep end. Thanks for being round, really.
Wanna know what is really pHucking crazy is the price of one of those haulers is the crazy. 6.5k, pHucking ballsy of these folks these days.
So when they go left better be looking right.
I already have this 34', 4 slide Montana. Second road house when I was working out of zone as a cub.
Might as well, figure if that's the going rate for a small unit then I can just pimp stick this shit out. Give people a little bit more of walk around experience.
Maybe you'll see us out an about.
Be in the SoCal area before summer is out.
Well on top of the joys of Share Cropping my Grand Father had passed away as well. He was 89. Took a little over a week, heart failure. Shitty.
This was his death bouquet.

Not that any around here need to be brought down any further, but he was a large part of my life. Hard to count the formative experiences that were forged under his hand.
Fought in the WWII survived two catastrophes. Both ships he was stationed on were sank. He tread water in the South China Sea for a week before rescue. He loved his birds, and his ranch.
I will miss him every time I come up with some new contraption that makes my life easier. He was notorious for that as well.

Thank you all for your patience, I'll work on being more frequent lot's of work and pulling "Plan B" up and pulling myself out of a lose hole.

Thanks for stopping in.
Knottydaddy, Tied off.

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