Growing Pains. Botrytis, And My Game Plan To Overcome It.




Hello Weed Nerds! For those that have been following along my Steem Og, which I have been bragging about it is my best plant ever, well turns out I jinxed myself. Lets put it this way, over the weekend I have found out that I can not finish a photo period in my back yard. We had a nice sunny day Sunday, so I was able to monitor my back yard. Well I found out that the sun starts shining around 10am, for about 40 min. Then starts shining again in the mid afternoon, for maybe an hour and half. Then appears in the evening. This has made it a breeding ground for Botrytis. There is now 30 seconds left on the clock, what play should I do to win the game?

Ok. So lets think. Botrytis, (AKA: Bud Rot), love wet conditions. Obviously my lack of sun is the culprit. First off, I need to cut out any signs of the Fungus. It is hard to spot at first since it starts from the inside. There are tale tale signs. In my case the leaves where droopy when all the other leaves where praying to the gods. But even after I cut out all the rot, I still have the lack of sun to deal with. My bedroom is on the other side of the apartment, and it gets plenty of sun. Can I put it on the balcony? Well it is my only choice. But how? I have the plant in the raised garden bed.

There is an app for that!

Bye, bye legs......

Whew. That thing was not lite. It is also very long. Luckily I got good neighbors to help me out with stuff like this. Now It will receive the majority of the day's sun. But I am not out of the woods yet. I am sure there is still fungus luring in my fat colas. These colas on this Steem Og are fat. Almost the size of my arm. Such a shame I did not catch the suns movement earlier.

Now I will have an easier time to do things I really could not do while the plant was in the back. Now I can not keep my door open full time to put the fan on. But I think I will get a fan to put outside. Along with a clear tarp on top. The clear tarp will serve as two things. One being less visibility to my neighbors. Yes it is legal, but I do not like the attention. But I sure as hell am not going to stand by and watch this plant rot! Second the tarp will stop the morning fog getting my buds wet.

The terp profile on this Steem Og reminds me of Gorilla Glue. No not that, but the strain GG. Except with more of a sweet smell then gas. It truly is a great smell. Even when I was cutting out buds infected, I could not help myself to take in the aromas.

At least my #tetrapak contender is coming along nice. Which is what I keep telling myself when I am cutting out bud rot, hahahah. Got to stay positive, even when it is very hard to be. Other wise you will give up. Giving up is not an option. So stay tuned and watch me overcome a big setback, or watch hard work go to waste. Either way this is a learning process. I now know that I should only grow autos in the back yard, or do a light dep grow in the middle of the summer. Until next time, peace and have a great week!


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