My plants keep growing and have a nice color

These plants that I have are very healthy, although it is noticeable in the intense green color of their leaves, they support the low temperatures that plague my city. For this same day it is predicted that temperatures will not exceed 10 degrees.

Many will give me the advice to go indoors but I don't have a big store and the yellow potted plant is the only one that occupies the whole place. Although the plants in the yellow pot and the black one look girls, I think that one of the two will be a male because I perceive a strong smell and it is characteristic of males.

On the other hand, one of my plants is on the ground and is female, it is showing a violet color on the branches due to the frosts and yet nothing stops it. My plans are to cut the top in about 3 weeks so that it does not grow much in height because it is next to my room and it will not let me see out the window.

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