Indoor Garden Update - New Aceple LED Panel

Hello Everyone,

Everything is coming along beautifully in the grow tent!

Today I received a new LED panel from Amazon.

For the price, I think this LED panel was a steal. I paid $120.00 USD for it, and today it's listed at $84.99. I have mixed feelings about the price dropping so much the day after I bought it and suspect that this might be a marketing tactic just for me to try to get me to buy another one. It's tempting but I feel like I have more than adequate light for this tent now. Let's take a look!



The reviews on this product are pretty good and pretty honest in that this is not a top grade light, but definitely puts out the 260 watts as advertised and indoor gardeners seem to think this thing is a steal for the price. Now that I have it installed, I agree completely, that for less than 100 dollars a grower can have more than sufficient light for growing cannabis. It's an amazing time to be alive as an indoor cannabis grower. My set up is now what I would consider pretty damn nice!

Amazon Product

If these stay priced like this I might even get another one in a few weeks. This to me is very much a GREAT deal!


Now I have perfect coverage in this entire tent with ample space between the lights and the plants. This is my dream indoor garden come true!

The Phlizon PL-1000 in the back is even on the lowest light intensity to give the small plants little incubator corner, but they are still absorbing 100% from the other Phlizon at max, and the new Aceple LED at max. The new LED panel is a bit brighter than the Phlizon's and produces less heat with these very efficient heat sink bars.


The Big Mack Superstar's are looking amazing. I am not in a position to LST these plants any further right now. I need some stretch on them and might even need to turn the lights down lower to induce the stretch.

What I am currently trying to achieve is rapid cloning. The first clones did not live, and I do not want to have more failures, so I researched how to clone properly and got the rooting powder that helps accelerate the process.


This root boost is a cheap product on Amazon for $5.92 currently. I don't know if it's good stuff, as I tried it for the first time last night, so we will see in the coming days if it's a quality rooting hormone.


I pulled a couple of sprouts from the box so far, but the majority are dead seeds just as I expected. So far it's two sprouts from about 200 seeds. I'm happy with whatever I get.


The clones are looking good and were cut last night. I took four from each plant, and I am hoping at least one of these plants are female or this could turn out to be a bit of a disaster. I feel confident one of them is, and that's all we need.


The homemade humidifiers are working lovely, they keep the tent above 70% humidity when closed at all times, and the temperature stays around 80-85 F currently with no ventilation. Couldn't ask for a much better environment for cannabis :)


Once I switch the tent to 12/12 light cycle, I will utilize this closet I have set up for vegetation stage. I'll move the humidifiers in here, and maybe one of the Phlizon LED panels. I'm still undecided and do not know if these lamps will be powerful enough for a vegetation room, but luckily I have ample LED's to work with, so I will tweak this as I go and feel really good about the progress currently.

That's it for the garden update.

What do you all think of how things are coming along?
I would love to read your thoughts below!

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