Indoor Garden Update - Defoliation and Watering

Hello Everyone,

Things have been going great in the indoor garden. Today I performed some light defoliation to the Wedding Crasher cannabis plant, and watered the Big Mac Superstar as well as some smaller plants that needed it.

Let's have a look at some photos:

Big Mac Superstar

Big Mac Superstar

I'm so happy with how the Big Mac Superstar is coming along. She is easily the largest plant I've ever grown and is very healthy and beautiful.

I skipped a nutrient feeding two days ago when I watered her, but decided to give some nutrients this morning. She was droopy and needed a drink. She responded unbelievably good to the nutrient feed and by the end of the night the buds looked swollen.

Now is the time where attention to detail is critical. Ensuring she has everything she needs as well as not too much of anything will be the difference in a big healthy harvest or a small disappointing one.

I've little doubt that we're well on our way to seeing big plump bud explosion. Over the next couple of weeks this plant is going to change drastically in appearance.

Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher

After performing some light defoliation on the Wedding Crasher today, I'm feeling like this plant is about to swell up quite a bit, by the appearance of the pistils I think it is likely. The plant has a fruity aroma and I'm very surprised at how big it has become.

Sunflower Carmel Hybrid

The sunflower is almost completely open. I'm really surprised at how vibrant and beautiful the sunflower turned out considering I grew it indoors under light emitting diodes. I love having a diversity of plants and this pretty flower really adds some beauty to the tent.

Flowering Tent

Tomorrow I'm planning to conduct a clone experiment.
I'll explain the details in the next post!

That will do it for today.

What do you think of how the indoor garden is coming along?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind

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