Indoor Garden Update - Cannabis Growing BIG Buds!

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm super excited because the cannabis plants are starting to explode in growth!

IMG_20230107_191012483 (2).jpg

I have two Miracle Macks growing and one Big Mack Superstar.

All three of the plants are pretty impressive and one of them needs a trim.

Miracle Mack

Miracle Mack

You might be wondering why this healthy girl needs a trim.

It's really a matter of personal preference and an adherence to the system I'm working for these plants.

Now is the time I am back off the nutrients so that the plants will use up what is in the root system and foliage.

We call this "flushing", and I have more than enough healthy foliage, so I will remove foliage that became a little burned about a month ago from overfeeding.

During this process I also remove some lower buds so that I can have some early smoke to sample!

Miracle Mack

This also serves to promote fatter growth to the upper more densely packed potent flowers. It's a method that has proven to work for many growers and one that I like to employ.

Miracle Mack

After the trim I took this photo with a lighter next to one of the main colas.

We can see clearly these are some monster buds this plant is packing, and they are going to get even fatter than this!

I wouldn't be surprised if this plant ends up packing some of the largest buds I've ever grown, despite it not being one of the biggest plants I've ever grown.

Big Mack Superstar

The Big Mack Superstar is also producing very nicely. I'm curious to see out of these two which one will produce more bud. I think the Miracle Mack will have girthier buds but overall the Big Mack Superstar might produce more because she has very long bud systems that are plumpening up really nicely.

IMG_20230107_190910397 (2).jpg
Big Mack Superstar


Miracle Mack

This journey isn't over yet!

These girls still have at least two or three weeks left to finish up.

I'm hoping for some big plumping as well as an increase in trichome production during the home stretch.

What do you all think of how these cannabis plants are coming along?

I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section!

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great day! -@futuremind


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