No Till Raised Bed Update - Day 17 - The Lentils Are Thriving!

Hey folks..:) Welcome to another update. The raised bed is starting to look nice and green now and i have added some more lentils to fill the gaps. The starflower has taken a beating from the strong winds but its still alive and should be doing her Nitrogen Fixing thing now:)





Im not too happy with these seedlings especially the onees i bought from Sensi-Seeds. They didnt get a great start but they have had great conditions for a while now but they dont seem to be doing much! I am still hoping they will recover though.


Also if you notice the 2 at the front are looking much healthier than the rest and they only popped last week! These were the most recent random seeds i put down but they were the first to go straight into the living soil mix!! Looks promising.

I am eagerly awaiting some proper new seeds arriving in the post now from the good people here on weedcash so its all good. They will be a lifesaver it looks like.

Peace, Graham.

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