Making Bubble Hash: Part 4

Making Bubble Hash

drying and pressing

Preparing To Dry The Hash

I did not explain the drying process that well on the last post:

I failed to mention and show the part where the wet hash is broken up into even pieces. After pulling the wet hash from the bubble bags and placing the wet hash on the coffee filters, I used a plastic card to chop up the hash!

Now they are ready to dry near a heater! Using a food dehydrator on it's lowest setting works great too!

Checking The Moisture Level

The hash dried pretty nicely near the room space heater we had going.

All I did to check moisture levels was to take a small piece of hash and squeeze it between my fingers. I should see no water at all coming out of the hash. I will also see if it is no longer snaping and cracking when a lighter is applied to it.

Pressing the Hash!

Some people use hydrologic 2+ ton presses but in my experience that is for material with lots of plant debris for whatever reason such as overly dry starting material. We do not need a hydrologic press today.

What We Need:

  • Pot to heat water and a thermostat

  • Rolling Pin and Oven bags. Slow Cooker liners work too!


After placing the dried hash into the oven bags, I then placed the bag gently onto the the heated water in the active pot for 2-4 minutes or long enough to evenly heat hash. I had the pot on warm once I warmed the water to 120-140 F or so.

But wait there's more!

I need to freeze this pancake of a hash now. This makes it easier to peel the hash off the bag and re-place it in the bag for the repeated warming process. The bag runs the risk of breaking if the hash is not repositioned a few times during this process. The hash only needs to be in the freezer for a few minutes.

Then I just rinse and repeat after pulling the hash out the freezer and repositioning it in the bag for the next warming but also re-folding it on to itself.

After repeating this process about four or five times with this particular batch, I got the hash pretty flat using the rolling pin. This batch was all trim and had no buds added to it. The other two batches had 2-4 ounces of bud each added to them. It was harder to smash the trichomes with this all trim batch of the Girl scout cookies and White tahoe cookies.

Hash Ball!

The other batches of hash turned out much lighter no doubt due to the added buds they had.

Ice Cream!

No, Scott we are not eating hash ice cream! Now put that in your pipe and smoke it eh bud?

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