Making Bubble Hash: Part 2

Making Bubble Hash


Getting Ready To Mix The Materials!

This post is a continuation from this post:

Hopefully, this will be a better diy post than the video @dynamicrypto and I tried doing in 2018... Maybe it was a different video than the one below. Memory is kinda foggy...

Having left all the necessary materials in the deep freezer last night, we are ready to start mixing the materials together!

Yesterday's post goes over all the materials I gathered in greater detail for this Ice Extraction method that makes Bubble Hash from Cannabis trimmings and small buds:

Gathering The Materials

I will need to gather some items for this endeavor.

  • Bubble Bags
  • Five Gallon Buckets
  • Handheld Mixer
  • Wooden/Bamboo Spoon
  • Deep Freezer
  • Cubed Ice
  • Freezer Bags
  • Coffee Filters and Sharpie
  • Silicone Spatula or Plastic Spoons
  • Food Dehydrator or Portable Heater


Breaking Up The Ice

First, I have to gently break up the Ice bags on a hard surface as the cubes are one solid mass from being deep frozen.

Filling Up The Five Gallon Buckets With Ice And Plant Material

I will fill up the prepared five gallon bucket with Ice half way. The Five Gallon bucket will have the bubble bags arraigned in such a manner:120 micron bag on the bottom of the three bubble bags, then the 160 micron bag in the middle and then the 220 micron bag on top.

After filling the bucket halfway with ice I will then add the Cannabis trimmings and small buds. Approximately, 320-350 grams of plant material is desired per Five Gallon batch. As I add the material to the bucket I am gently rubbing the material onto itself with my hands.

Then I will fill the rest of the bucket to the top with Ice after placing the plant material in the center of the bucket.

Adding Water To The Five Gallon Bucket

Once the Ice and material is loaded into the prepared five gallon bucket with bubble bags, then we have to add water. I will add enough water until usually the ice is starting to float which is nearly full. Once full I will wait 20 minutes or so for re-hydration purposes before I start mixing.

Mixing The Materials Together

Now that the bucket is prepared and the plant material is rehydrated we are ready to start mixing!

I will stir in a circular motion with a wooden spoon first for six minutes. Being mindful to stir aggressively but in a controlled manner as to not allow plant material to fly out of the bucket. Also I am trying to stir just the top half of the bucket and allowing the trichomes to settle on the bottom. We do not want to unnecessarily stir up trichomes that have settled back into the mix.

Once six minutes is up I will switch to using a handheld mixer to mix in a circular motion for six minutes.

After I have mixed this batch for two six minute cycles, I will continue to mix for three minute cycles. Three minutes mixing with a wooden spoon than three minutes with a handheld mixer.

There will be a foam that occurs during this process. Once I start seeing green in the foam than I will stop. However, if there is no green in the foam I will continue with more three minute cycles.

Once the mixing is done I will wait until all the ice is melted before pulling these bags to extract the trichomes. Usually, it will take 12-24 hours for all the ice to fully melt. For this batch of Gorilla Glue 4 I did 4 extra 3 minute cycles with the blender and wooden spoon. I saw very little green in the foam but after the 4th 3 minute cycle the foam was a slight dark ting to it. So I stopped there.

Now We Will Wait For The Ice To Melt!

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