Cannabis Pictures, Gathering Composting Materials and More!

It's Me, It's Me!


Time to get this last compost pile out of the way! I successfully did one thermophilic compost and now I need to do another one successfully in order to get a compost certificate from the Soil Food Web School. Speaking of which I am still managing the first one. I have turned it another 3 times since completing the key temperature and time marks. Each time the pile heats up for a period of time there is moisture loss so it is important to turn after certain temperature and time thresholds are met. This pile recently did 3 days at 131 F range. Hopefully, it will calm down after today's turn but I am not so sure. I think I need to turn maybe one more time.

I am currently gathering materials for the next thermophilic compost pile. I am adjusting the recipe a little bit. I want to avoid using horse manure for my High N due to how it attracts flies but it works. Perhaps this time I will use only 2 Five Gallon buckets instead of 5.

I still need a small bale of barley straw, a small bale of timothy hay and I guess some horse manure.

Well anyways, let's check out some pictures of the Mango Kush in the backyard!

Mango Kush

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