Cannabis. 7-25-2022.

Man my beard is turning grey fast with ample white hairs. Not even 38 yet....

Well, it has been a very stressful week or rather mentally challenging. I am trying to take my third test of four to pass my microscope certification and it is not fun. I need to do stuff one is not expected to for regular microscope work such as recording an assessment, narrating the video and having limited access to my mentor just to be sure I am doing things right. Not to mention waiting a week for a grade. Just exhausting. Whatever I guess. I am becoming a bit dramatic and complaining more than I should as I am getting older.

I need to put up trellises in the greenhouse and do more de-leafing of these girls as the buds are about to start setting in. My free time and ability to not work is starting to run thin. I even stopped curating on Hive just to focus on this test, which I was just told I need to make another assessment and my practice assessment was not sufficient.

I need to get a job sooner than later, hopefully in a career I will enjoy and love. Fuch the entertainment business and Las Vegas! I would rather work at a gardening store in Oregon than to allow for my soul to be compromised in Las Vegas.

Without much delay here is some weed porn!

The Mango Kush

The Gorilla Glue #4 Forum cut

The White Tahoe Cookies

The Mimosa

The Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut

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