Cannabis. 08-01-2022.

Sorry Not Sorry

Yeah, the above video is on bitchute from my account there. @peakd does not support Bitchute videos but @ecency does and Ecency does not play games with my posts. Had my posts censored or rather be blank while peakd plays dumb about it. Some day soon hopefully @threespeak gets better servers for video uploads and tech support. My time is valuable and I do not have 12-24 hours to upload a 3 minute video... Sorry not sorry.


It has been so smokey since Friday night, it is Monday night now. Though the smoke from The McKinney Fire is not as bad as it was on Saturday, it is still noticeable here in Eugene, Oregon.

Time to submit a test

I spent weeks fine tuning my microscope skills for my MPA 3 (Microscope Proficiency Assessment 3 of 4) and just today I feel confident enough to submit a video and assessment of a soil analysis I did today to the Soil Food Web School.

Back to Gardening

This means I can get back to gardening and putting up trellises in the greenhouse! The cannabis plants need to be trellised very bad. If I do not trellis these girls up then they will have branches falling all over the place once the buds set in.

Back to Curating on Hive

Of course I will be getting back to curating too. Watch out though, I gave @dandays the posting keys to @dynamicsteemians to use for when he finds amazing content and authors on Hive to curate. Hopefully, Hive does not stay red too long since doubling in price from that apparent burn from yesterday.


Oh yeah! My buddy Scott, whose garden this is that I am sharing and working on, scored some White Oak Wood Chips! He asked a tree trimmer working on the neighbor's house if he could have the woodchips and they said "Oh hell yeah son!" Well not exactly in those words but you get it! We will be spreading out these woodchips in the greenhouse and in general areas around plants for a high quality mulch that fungi will love!

Mentally Exhuasted

I am mentally exhausted and pretty depressed about certain things like taxes in Oregon, missing my boys, getting a job and various other things. I figured I was not gonna compost for school this year and stop with a microscope certification BUT the universe just dropped a crap load of killer woodchips that are vital for composting! Maybe just the smoke from the wildfires is making me think weird or maybe it is just the pressure from school...

Disco Disco?

No seriously, today I am feeling a bit better of late. I feel good from finally getting this part of my microscope certification ready to submit. I can tell be cause music is making me feel good again. I can put on some music typically and judge how I feel by the way I chair dance...

YouTube Sources itself, so get over it @eniolw


Cannabis Porn

Ok enough blabbing and time for some Cannabis porn. One of the smallest cannabis gardens I have been apart of but perhaps one of the highest quality crops I have been apart of despite the cold, wet spring with no Sun!

The Mango Kush

The Gorilla Glue #4 Forum Cut

The White Tahoe Cookies

The Mimosa

The Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut

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