Tiny unexpected cannabis harvest

When there's a will, there's a way. And sometimes, even when there isn't a will! I forgot about this little clone in the corner of my yard, still in its seedling cup. I guess it got enough rainwater to survive, and when I found it the other day, I discovered a few little fluffy flowers!

No water, no love, no protection from the elements, no fertilizer, just a handful of organic soil and an hour of direct light per day! Hard to believe anything happened. I guess that's a testament to the hardiness of the cannabis plant!

Not only did it live, but it flowered. The only male cannabis plant in the area was this clone's brother, which you can read about here. He was thrown in the corner of the garden and survived record heat waves and clouds of wildfire smoke/ash. I got rid of him a few weeks ago when he grew pollen sacs.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if I had planted the female in the garden, and forgotten about the male? But that's what happens when you grow from regular (not feminized) seeds. Every method has its pros and cons! But man, I wish I was harvesting buds from an 8 foot tall monster right now. I lost that coin toss, anyway! I'll get it next time.

Top view! There are 5 little buds on this flower.

Looks like it needs a few more weeks to really finish up. I don't know what it will be able to do with so little soil. And the temperature is getting cold enough to see your breath at night, so I've brought this little girl into the mudroom (unheated walled patio) where it won't freeze. Now it isn't even getting a single minute of direct light per day, but somehow, it's still hanging on and trying to finish up.

Nature awes me on a very regular basis.

Fairly impressive trichome production, given the conditions! I will try and harvest enough for a bowl or a joint with my wife @MediKatie. I bet it will be something special.

My indoor garden is between crops right now. The fan is motionless, pots empty and clean, seeds dry, lights off. But not for long, you know me.

It was fun to find this forgotten little clone, alive and doing its best. I'll let you know in a few weeks what becomes of her!

Come to think of it, this is my first clone that I've ever taken all the way through to completion! I've successfully cloned cannabis many times, with nothing but water and technique, but this is the first time I'll get a harvest from a clone. Cool. I like firsts, especially accidental ones : )

Grow in peace,

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